Seminar Dance to Schools

The seminar will focus mainly on the role of music in the context of physical education in schools and the theme of emotional self-defense for teachers.
In our lessons is music an integral part of the movement, so we will be working on a cooperation of a teacher and a musician. The seminar will include model example of a teaching lesson, its analysis and discussion. Inspiring will definitely be a musical - movement workshop with lecturer Lenka Pospíšilová from the Česká Orffova Společnost.
At the same time, we will focus on how to take care of ourselves during the work with the children's group through the form of a practical example and analysis of the theoretical aspects of psychology and legislation, etc. The thematic block will be led by Martina Viewegová, a psychologist, dance instructor and a graduate of biosynthetic dance motion therapy.
Come and draw the inspiration and energy

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Tanec Praha