How does it look like during Children's Studio? There is a video from last session with parents.

Dance-movement lessons for children which are developing their creativity, perception of rhythm, space, dynamics, energy and cooperation with other children. Lessons are led by selected lecturers, active dance artists and pedagogues in collaboration with musicians. Children in Children's studio meet every Wednesday from October to May at regular time.

Creative lessons of Children's studio will be opened for three groups:
15:00 - 16:00 children 8 - 12 years: New group!
16:10 - 16:55  children 4 – 6 years
17:10 - 18:10  children 6 - 8 years

Sample lesson: 4. 10. 2017 (registration in advance)

Information and registration: Ilona Daňková,

Looking forward to se you!



Practical information

Creative lessons of Children studio are implemented in two groups:
Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for children aged 4–6 years
Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for children aged 6–8 years
Barbora Látalová and Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, music by George Cremaschi
Information and registration:
Ilona Daňková:


Barbora Látalová 

Barbora Látalová is a dancer and teacher, a graduate of the Duncan Centre Conservatory, where she taught Dance Education to children. She completed an internship at Hunter College of City University of New York, where she studied modern dance and dance therapy at NYU at Miriam Roskin Berger, and also studied dance at the lycée in Prague and movement at the acting faculty of HINT University in Norway. Since 2002 she is a member of the NIE international theatre group. She is the co-author of the dance performance Fg = G [(mm)/r²] / Dance and Physics, a project that includes interactive workshops for children in schools. As part of the Dance for Schools program she regularly teaches at the elementary school at Havlíčkovo nám. in Prague 3 and at the V Zahrádkách elementary school.

Zdenka Brungot Svíteková

Zdenka Brungot Svíteková is a dancer, performer and teacher, a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, CND Paris, danceweb Vienna, SITI Co. in Saratoga Springs and seminars focusing on contemporary movement and theatre techniques, improvisation, composition, somatic approaches and movement analysis. As a performer, co-creator and assistant she has worked together with many Czech and European artists. She also concentrates on her own authorial creation.
She is one of the initiators and organizers of the ImproEvents Prague festival focusing on stage improvisation and actively devotes herself to improvisation, in particular in cooperation with musical artists. She contributes to dance magazines and works as an interpreter at events connected with dance. She co-authored the dance performance Fg = G [(mm)/r2] / Dance and Physics, a project that includes interactive workshops for children in schools, and also shared in the creation and performance of Carnival of Animals.

Jan Bárta

Jan Bárta


Theatre and dance perfomer and creator, experienced lecturer and producer.  He studied at dance conservatory Duncan centre Prague, after that he transfer to The Prague Conservatoire for music-drama field. Graduate of theatre academy - Mime department of Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdamu. In 2017 he completed 5year drama/arte-teraphy training focused on method DvT- Developmental transformation. He is working on his own author and interpretation work including producktion ,acting, dance and direction. (titles: Tak přesně o rá není!, A je to!, STICKER aj.). He colaborated as an author and interpreter with various Czech and Dutch theatre and dance ensembles, as well for children with a choreographer Mirka Eliášová presented in PONEC - dance venue (Momo, World of Paper). He is a co-founder of creative and production association Crewcollective z.s.. He is engaged in work with children focused on movement and drama education and in drama- therapeutial context as well. Lecturer of Children Studio PONEC and project Dance to Schools.


George Cremaschi

George Cremaschi was born in New York, where he studied music, composition and contrabass. He composed music for dancers, rock groups, installation artists, improvisational performers, poets, film, theatre and orchestras, and has also played together with many of them. He currently lives in Prague, where he founded the Prague improvisational orchestra and, among other things, teaches at FAMU and Prague College.